The Collection


Once again we present a new display of works from the museum’s collection. This time the main theme is the collection’s own history. Yet instead of trying to tell the whole story, we present shorter or longer extracts that clarify how different works entered the collection. What is involved in building an art collection and what function does it have in an art museum? There are many stories to tell, and regular visitors will notice changes in the display from time to time.

The museum’s collection consists of the holdings of Christianssands Billedgalleri (picture gallery) and artworks SKMU has acquired since it was founded in 1995. The Billedgalleri was founded in 1902 by Christianssands Kunstforening (art society) and it contains a total of 869 works. These works were an important argument for the founding of a regional art museum in Kristiansand.

When SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum first opened, the decision was made to collect craft art as well as pictorial art. Thus the collection is unique within the context of Norwegian art museums. Since its founding, SKMU has focused largely on contemporary art, purchasing works by tone-setting national artists, artists affiliated with the Agder region, and certain international contemporary artists.

Several deposits / long-term loans from private collectors can also be found in the collection, among others, works by noted national and international contemporary artists.

The current display of works is organized thematically, room by room. Some rooms present a selection of gifts, others focus on craft art or recent acquisitions. Still other rooms are devoted to genres such as landscapes from Sørlandet, or to a specific artistic medium (the video room). Some artists – Edvard Munch, Grete Nash and Else Marie Jakobsen – are featured in separate rooms. In addition, we present works by Christian Krohg, Oda Krohg, Amaldus Nielsen, Sidsel Hanum, Leonard Rickhard, Øystein Aasan, Marit Følstad and Ole Jørgen Ness, Sverre Malling, Maiken Bent and many others.