The Collection

The museum’s collection consists of works from the picture gallery Christiansands Billedgalleri and art which SKMU has purchased since its founding in 1995. Established in 1902 by the art society Christianssands Kunstforening, the Billedgalleri owns a total of 871 works. This collection was an important precondition for the establishment of an art museum in Kristiansand.One of SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum’s founding statutes is that it should ‘seek to increase interest, knowledge and the level of competence about visual art, craft-based art and other forms of visual  expression’. The museum has therefore, since 1995, been one of two museums in Norway with a responsibility for collecting both ‘fine’ and craft-based art. SKMU has focused on contemporary art and has purchased works by artists with regional affiliation as well as art by other relevant Norwegian and Nordic artists.

In the museum’s collection you can also find a number of deposited works and long-term loans from private collections; these are by national and international contemporary artists.

Current display from our collection is: The Town and the Region. The Collection 2015-2017 

Image: Kjell Mardon Gunvaldsen, Soweto, 1978, textile. Photo: Stanley Haaland.