Liv Bugge – Into the Wreck

Liv Bugge’s exhibition in Gallery 1 presents different types of ‘wrecks’, including fragments of books, drawings and other objects. The core of the exhibition is a room made with particle board – a kind of emergency material associated with temporary structures at building sites or demolition sites.

In this inner room, the video work The Dead Layer (2013) is on show. In the video we witness a therapeutic exorcism of sorts, spliced together with pictures of architecture from a church and a courtroom. The way the artist focuses on materials and interior details suggests that human choices are imbedded in each and every public edifice. The video alludes to how such details frame the rituals that are carried out in the church and court room, thus raising questions about the connection between the rituals and the therapeutic exorcism: What is it that needs treatment? How does the treatment relate to the way the code of law and the state church distinguish between good and evil? Some pieces of exhibited debris point to historical processes of demonization, where political and personal resistance were interpreted as manifestations of evil.

The exhibition’s title is borrowed from the poetry collection Diving into the Wreck (1973) by the American poet, essayist and feminist Adrienne Rich (1929-2012). Using Rich’s life history and poem as starting points, Bugge searches through ideological wrecks in a way that reawakens a will and belief in resistance and change.

Liv Bugge (b. 1974) lives and works in Oslo. She studied at Statens Kunstakademi in Oslo and at the Higher Institute for Fine Art in Ghent, Belgium. She has participated in numerous art projects in Norway and abroad. With Sille Storihle, Bugge has set up FRANK as an artist-run platform for addressing contemporary critical issues.

The exhibition is part of SKMU’s emphasis this year on socio-political art, as part of our marking of the bicentenary celebration of Norway’s constitution in 2014.