Yayoi Kusama – Dots Obsession

SKMU proudly presents Dots Obsession – Love Transformed into Dots, a large-scale multi-media installation by Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929, Japan)

Yayoi Kusama is one of the world’s most sought-after artists. She is still active and in recent decades has experienced what could be called a renaissance, in the form of exhibitions and presentations the world over. Her first large retrospective exhibition in the UK was at Tate Modern last year, and in 2013 she will hold large traveling exhibitions in Asia and South America. 

SKMU is pleased to present one of Kusama’s ‘total installations’: Dots Obsession – Love Transformed into Dots. The work from 2006 is part of a larger series of room installations called Dots Obsession, which Kusama began making in the 1990s. Here her trademark, the polka dot, is spread across large ballons that hang from the ceiling, lye on the floor and are suspended throughout the room. All while Kusama herself is projected on a screen, covered in dots and eating flowers.

Dots Obsession – Love Transformed into Dots (2006) visually borders on the hallucinations Yayoi Kasama experienced as a child. During those episodes she experienced her environment as being completely covered with an infinitely repeating pattern. To cope with the phantom visions Kusama resorted to art. In her art one finds an almost hallucinatory intensity, and the forms, colours, light and repetition construe an environment that completely enfolds the viewer.

After studying traditional Japanese painting, Kusama, then in her 20s, moved to the United States. She soon formed friendships with prominent figures in the American art scene as Mark Rothko, Donald Judd, Frank Stella, Robert Morris, Claes Oldenburg, Andy Warhol,and the sculptor Joseph Cornell, who would later become her partner. In the 1970s she returned to Japan, where she still lives and works today. Through an artistic career spanning more than 70 years, she has achieved international fame for her artworks and her signature motif – polka dots.

SKMU 2013-Folder A6 Kusama