Fine Art Union – Nipple Scale for a Parade

The artist duo Fine Art Union stages newer works in combination with older works and put the relation between past, present and future on trial. Through performance, video, installation and sculpture, Fine Art Union probes conventional ideas about gender, power, language and progress. 

Many visitors will remember Fine Art Union’s characters ‘future primitives’ from the large landscape exhibition SKMU held last summer. Primitive people of the future run about and challenge our understanding of the distinction between humans and animals. Skin-headed and wearing nothing more than short fur jackets and silver-coloured Sci-Fi panties, the characters move about the landscape much like apes: they hop, bounce on their haunches, climb rocks and display an exploratory approach  to the environment. Ritualistic acts, for instance the banging and throwing rocks, suggest aggression, the exercise of power and territorial battles.

Visitors will be able to experience the premiere of a brand new film. Here the landscape and forces of nature will determine the action – mountains, waterfalls and glaciers will be transformed into amphitheatres, underground environments, voices and gestures. In addition to combining performance and film Fine Art Union use installation, sound and concrete action. The interdisciplinary character means the works can be presented in public spaces, at clubs, in theatres, in printed publications and in gallery exhibition settings.

Fine Art Union was founded in 2006 as a collaborative venture between Synnøve G. Wetten (b. 1978, Akershus, Norway) and Annette Stav Johanssen (b. 1979, Kristiansand, Norway). Both artists graduated from Malmö Art Academy (2009). 


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