Jorann Abusland outdoor installation

In Wergelandsparken, close to the town square in Kristiansand, SKMU is presenting an art installation by Jorann Abusland, called “the growth of gras”. In this installation you may lay down, look up at the big trees and just listen.

The artist Jorann Abusland from Kristiansand, invite people to spend some time relaxing, laying down and listening to all the sounds.
The sounds in this exhibition will be increased with microphones and speakers “in real time”.

The installation is a part of the total summer exhibition at SKMU Sørlandets Kunstmuseum; Screaming from the Mountain. Landscapes and viewpoints.

Jorann Abusland (b. 1976, Kristiansand) is a young and active artist with a strong sence of community engagement. In her projects “Særlandet” and “Om igjen” she uses many different materials, like pieces of glass, clothes and garden hose. She has been represented at a large number of exhibition places in Norway.