Marko Vuokola – The Seventh Wave

Marko Vuokola`s photographic series The seventh Wave is an ongoing project that started in 2001.

Vuokola always takes two pictures of every motif, and the time lapse between the two shots varies. They result in large photografic diptychs, often of conventionally beautiful landscapes such as we have seen many times before, but they can just as easily be photographs of mundane hotel room interiors or a car dealership.

Two photos of the same motif with identical angle and cropping, yet taken at different points in time, enables us to see how photography captures time. While we are looking at his photos we try to find comparisons and hunt for differences.

Marko Vuokola (b.1967) has distinguished himself in the comtemporary art scene and is part of our focus on Finnish art in 2011. He systematically explores basic artistic themes such as time, perspective, knowledge and the phenomenon of vision, choosing methods and media that are consistent with his research questions.