THE TOWN AND THE REGION. The Collection 2015-2018

In 2015 we celebrated our 20th year as the art museum for Aust- and Vest-Agder. Responsibility for the region’s art is reflected in our permanent collections, which include the holdings of Christianssands Billedgalleri (established in 1902). This is why we’ve chosen to create a presentation with a regional perspective.

The exhibition has two parts. The permanent section presents pictures related to specific places and Sørlandet’s landscape, to artists and people from the region, and to art with motifs from Setesdal. The city of Kristiansand is also a featured theme. You can see a model for the monumental relief on the former Agder Theatre, a model for the neverproduced equestrian statue of the city’s founder Christian IV, and paintings showing scenes from the catastrophic city fire in 1892.

The exhibition’s temporary section features art in the region of Agder 1975-2000. In this period the art scene slowly startet building up, the diversity of media increased and politics, enviromental issues an more came and went as artistic content.


Featured image: Tom Lid, Tredelt landskap, 1985. Foto: SKMU