Tori Wrånes: Your Next Vacation Is Calling

I dream of a mental holiday. A sort of abstract desert of images, movement and sound                                                                                                                                                                           Tori Wrånes, November 5, 2014

The walls of a room are covered with thick layers of paint, thrown on with violent, liberating force, as in an abstract painting. A sofa hovering over the floor protrudes from one wall. People visibly merge with the room, moving in rhythmic and repetitive patterns, as if doing physical exercises. The artist herself runs increasingly faster on a treadmill, singing at the same time. In this way she tests how physical exertion affects the expression of the song. The installation appears as a unique universe in which the participants create a space for new rituals and diversity, where everyone has the freedom to be what they are.

Tori Wrånes (b. 1978) is from Kristiansand, and with her performances, is a unique voice in Norwegian contemporary art. As one of our most international artists, she has presented a series of specially-commissioned works in several international settings, including Performa 13 in New York (2013), which is a biennial dedicated to live performance art, and the Biennale of Sydney (2014). For her latest project, Flute Warriors (2017), she collaborated with Red Comunitaria Trans, a group of transgendered activists in Bogotá, Colombia. These are people who are often subjected to violence and discrimination in their daily lives.

Wrånes’s first large solo exhibition in Norway, Hot Pocket (2017), at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, showcased the breadth of her artistic practice. For Wrånes, performance is an artistic expression that gives a large degree of freedom. She combines painting, sculpture, installation and song to create a complex whole. Your Next Vacation is Calling (2014-17) is characteristic for this approach and is a chief work in her oeuvre to date. This is why the installation was purchased for the collection of Sørlandets Kunstmuseum in 2017.

The work is based on a commissioned work by Lillith Performance Studio, Malmö in 2014. Soundscapes by Simona Barbera.

Tori Wrånes
Your Next Vacation is Calling, 2014-17. Three-channel video installation of performance at Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö
16 mins, Aspect ratio: 5:2, Edition of 5 (#1/5)

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