Lise Schønberg. Bits and bobs and lobster! 50 years of jewellery and objects

Opening 14 October 2 pm

This autumn’s big show is an exhibition featuring local jewellery artist Lise Schønberg’s works from her more than 50 years of artistic practice. Here we can look forward to a great diversity of jewellery and objects infused with humour, imagination and stories, in addition to technical virtuosity and material variety.

Schønberg combines traditional goldsmithing techniques with jewellery’s possibilities to convey meaning and tell stories. Precious metals are juxtaposed with readymade objects – everyday things, but also non-traditional natural materials such as crab shells from Southern Norway and dried seaweed from Africa. While her jewellery pieces can be worn, they also challenge our understanding of what jewellery can be.

Lise Schønberg (b. 1945) studied goldsmithing, completing her apprenticeship in 1969 and becoming a master goldsmith in 1981. In 1976 she set up her own workshop in Kristiansand and geared her practice towards kunsthåndverk (craft-based art), which was becoming a separate field of art. Living in Ghana in the early 1980s resulted in inspiration from African culture. Here Schønberg continues to find inspiration and materials for her art.

Exhibition period 14 October 2017 — 1 April 2018

Featured image: Lise Schønberg, Spring/Inspired Frogs, 2008. Photo: Dannevig