Building a collection

25 March - 17 September

Exhibition opening saturday 25 March 2 pm

Each year Sørlandets Kunstmuseum’s collection grows through purchases of new works of art. Most of these are bought with funds from the museum’s own acquisition budget. Occasionally the museum receives gifts. Building a collection is a long-term project, largely contingent on available resources.

Sørlandets Kunstmuseum has a special responsibility for contemporary craft. When the museum was founded in 1995, this field was accorded the same level of importance as visual art. In 2015 the AKO Foundation / Nicolai Tangen donated one million Norwegian kroner to Sørlandets Kunstmuseum for the purchase of contemporary craft for its collection. That donation was followed up in 2016 with another million kroner. These generous donations have enabled us to acquire significant works which otherwise would have been beyond our reach.

In the exhibition, we present the acquisitions and the motivation underlying their purchase. You can find, among other things, art jewellery, ceramics and textiles by several tone-setting regional and national artists. These purchases are the result of fruitful collaboration between a private individual/foundation and a public institution. They benefit and enrich the museum, but also the artists and the public.


Featured image: Marit Tingleff, With Eyes Sensitive to Green, 2014. Foto Thomas Tveter – from Format 2016

Top slider image: May Bente Aronsen, Blue Wall, 2016, laminated and hand cut wool felt, 670 x 258 x 12 cm. Photo: Thomas Tveter.