Who am I? Traveling Exhibition

Spring 2016

This exhibition focuses on the portrait – a pictorial genre that is an ever-more relevant theme for discussion due to the increase in people’s self-exposure through social media. Throughout history, artists have used portraits in different ways, and the genre’s own history can be said to be a meandering journey in the representation of individual people.

The exhibition draws multiple connections and presents examples of diverse movements in portraiture. It includes artist portraits, depictions of largely anonymous individuals, realistic portraits, explorations of the soul, and portraits that reveal the artist’s primary interest to be abstraction, form and colour.

The exhibition is based on the museum’s own holdings and features works by Erik Werenskiold, Edvard Munch, Per Krogh, Dagfin Kjølsrud, Edvard Vigebo, Mette Tronvoll and others.

Tour dates spring 2016:

25 January – 7 February     Kunstparken, Risør

15 – 26 February  Grimstad Kunstforening

3 April – 8 May    Kuben, Arendal