Advent Exhibition 2016 – From Light to Light

27 November – 31 December

Organised by Erlend Helling-Larsen

Welcome to a very Christmassy, somewhat gaudy but glad Advent Exhibition that may get a bit out of control!

True to tradition, we invite kindergartens and schools in Agder to create the museum’s Advent Exhibition in collaboration with an artist. This year’s exhibition is masterminded by Erlend Helling-Larsen. He has designed projects for schools and kindergartens and use their creations to build an installation in Gallery 1 on the museum’s ground floor. Helling-Larsen wants to diverge from the norm when creating Christmas decor, and he tries to change the way we think about cornflake boxes and other packaging by manipulating light. How does lighting change the way we perceive a thing? Can we turn a mundane object into a ceremonious and evocative phenomenon?

Along with contributions from kindergartens and schools, Erlend Helling-Larsen, in collaboration with Lillesand Makramé, will add several elements to the exhibition.

The exhibition opens at 12 noon on Sunday 27 November.